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Hello, and happy New Year! I’ve been a crazy busy between the holidays, jumping back into work, and now coming up on a huge nonfiction book deadline. One of my major projects has been getting Aether Rising, the fourth and final book in the Aether Psychics series, ready for publication. It will release next Tuesday, January 24, and is up for preorder. I’m self-publishing it, and I’m pleased that it will be the exact same high quality as the previous Aether Psychics books because I contracted the help of the same editor, line editor, and cover artist. Speaking of which, isn’t the cover amazing?

Oh, and I got help with the blurb from the same person, too! Here it is:

The only place to hide could be behind the truth.

No one can lie to Louisa Cobb. It’s her gift. Her curse. Magic her stepfather has no compunction about using to gain the upper hand in business. But when Parnaby Cobb presents her with her latest mark, she realizes he’s testing her loyalty.

Her target is Patrick O’Connell, an Irish tinkerer and scoundrel who stole a kiss—and her heart—years ago. Should she betray her stepfather to set Patrick free, she’ll be cut off without a penny to her name.

Patrick knows exactly he’s been captured, why he’s struggling to lie into Louisa’s sky-blue eyes. He’s invented a device to stabilize and direct the mysterious Eros Element. If he fails to recreate it for Cobb, his closest friends’ happiness will be at risk.

Back in Boston, as Patrick stalls for time and Louisa uncovers secrets of her tragic past, the two of them engage in a treacherous dance on the edge of love and danger. Where one wrong step could condemn them both to everlasting heartache—and unleash an unimaginably powerful force that could destroy their world.

There is a silly warning, but the only place to find it is in the book.

You can preorder Aether Rising at its low introductory price of $2.99 at:



Barnes & Noble


The paperback version will be coming out (hopefully) in March.

Thanks so much for your support, and happy reading!

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