Character on the Couch: Sherrie Lea Morgan’s Meghan Nightshade

Just three weeks til A Wicked Halloween releases! Meet Meghan Nightshade, a solitary witch with parent issues.

Here in the Atlanta area we’re starting to see a little rusty color in the trees, the breeze is carrying a hint of coolness, and Coffeebucks now has its pumpkin spice drinks on the menu. You know what that means, right? Yep, the release of the box set A Wicked Halloween is right around the corner! Oh, and we finally get to have autumn, too. It’s my favorite season, so I’m not sure which I’m more excited about – the box set or being able to wear my boots again.

This week I’m thrilled to host brand new author Sherrie Lea Morgan. Her debut novella A Timed Wager was just released on September 7 on Amazon and is included in Kindle Unlimited. It looks like a fun ghost story, so I just grabbed my copy. Now let’s meet Meghan Nightshade, Sherrie’s heroine from her contribution to the box set:

Another lovely cover!

Solitary witch Meghan Nightshade is torn between hiding inside her self-made company in Atlanta and returning to stay in her hometown of Salem. One represents new beginnings, and the other her past. When an illness forces her to return to Salem for a short time, she realizes there are forgotten memories among the magic and nothing was the same as she remembered. Between preparing for the upcoming Halloween traditions and falling for the sexy Eathan Callaghan, Meghan is pulled back into the world of magic, covens, and witchcraft. Is she strong enough now to battle for the freedom of Eathan’s innocent sister, or will it cost her too much, and send her running back to the safety of Atlanta?

1. If your character were to go to a psychologist – willingly or unwillingly – what would bring them in?

Meghan wants to be able to get past the feeling of being abandoned by her father. She’s recently received a letter from her father (written several years ago) explaining that he left at the request of her mother because she refused to accept him being a witch and his magical powers. Her mother is not magically inclined, nor wants anything to do with witches. Meghan is a solitary witch and strong in her magic.

2. Is the presenting problem one of the main internal or external conflicts in your book? If so, how does it present itself?

Meghan’s relationship with her mother is a challenge as her mother travels frequently to avoid being around the covens which are common in their home town of Salem. Meghan was practically raised by her maternal grandmother.

3. It’s always interesting to see how people act when they first enter my office. Do they immediately go for my chair, hesitate before sitting anywhere, flop on the couch, etc.? What would your character do?

Meghan will walk in, look around, kick off her shoes and then sit crossed legged on the couch facing the psychologist.

4. Does your character talk to the therapist? How open/revealing will your character be? What will he or she say first?

She is confident and forthright and will immediately go into her background, her current and past relationship with her mother and end with the letter she found from her father.

5. Your character walks into the bar down the street after his/her first therapy session. What does he/she order? What happens next?

Meghan doesn’t drink much and will not go into a bar. She is more likely to go into an herbal tea shop and order tea to drink and review her recent appointment.

6. When you’re building characters, do you have any tricks you use to really get into their psyches, like a character interview or personality system (e.g., Myers-Briggs types)?

I do a mental interview and type up a short character sketch on my Character List which I have posted during my writing.

CD says: Thanks so much for coming by and bringing Meghan! I’m looking forward to reading your story.

About Sherrie: Sherrie Lea Morgan constantly searches for ghost walk tours in her home state of Georgia. There isn’t a haunted house she refuses to enter. Bouncing off story ideas with her twin sister is a past time of hers, as her dog Bennett refuses to respond to her questions. When not working her current manuscripts, she enjoys spending time with her family. Although her children refuse to join her paranormal movie thrills, they are supportive in her obsession of all things scary. Sherrie Lea works hard to weave other paranormal gifts into her books. She is an active member of Romance Writers of America and her local chapter Georgia Romance Writers.

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