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This is where you can keep up to date on what’s happening with my books, my new releases, and my Samhain books’ re-releases. Click on the book title or cover for more information about that specific book. I’ll also update links here and individual book pages as we go. Please be aware that dates may change depending on availability of cover artists, formatters, etc.

Re-release schedule:

Aether Psychics Steampunk Series

Yes, I kept my covers for these. They were too pretty to let go.

Eros Element:  May 1



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Light Fantastique: June 1, preorder sale starts May 1(ish)

Aether Spirit: July 1, preorder sale starts June 1(ish)


Contemporary Romance:

A Perfect Man: August 1 (because it’s a great back to school book)

Preorder sale starts July 1(ish); look for a new cover coming soon!


Lycanthropy Files Urban Fantasy: look for these in autumn 2017 with new editing and covers!

The Mountain’s Shadow

Long Shadows

Blood’s Shadow