Don’t miss the Howl-oween sales!

Greetings, all! As of Friday the 13th – yes, I planned it that way – all of the Lycanthropy Files books, and therefore all my published books, are back out. Yay! This has been a lot of work, and I can’t thank those of you who have supported me through this crazy year enough.

This handsome fellow came back out on September 29.
She’s luckier than she looks even if she did return to the virtual world on Friday the 13th.

I just wanted to make sure y’all are aware that all my books will be going back up to regular price as of November 1, so don’t delay. Here are the books on sale at the different price points and what they’ll be going up to in the beginning of November. Clicking on the book title will bring you to the page with the buy links, excerpts, and reviews. Please keep in mind that I write hefty books – each of my full-length novels is close to 300 pages (80,000+ words) and will keep you entertained for a few hours, at least.

Currently at 99 cents:

The Mountain’s Shadow, Lycanthropy Files Book One (going up to $3.99)

A Million Shadows, Lycanthropy Files novella, book 3.5 (ideally read before or after book 3; going up to $2.99)

Eros Element, Aether Psychics Book One (going up to $3.99)

Noble Secrets, Aether Psychics Prequel Novella (going up to $2.99)


Currently at $2.99:

A Perfect Man, Perfect Book One (going up to $3.99)

Long Shadows, Lycanthropy Files Book Two (going up to $3.99)

Blood’s Shadow, Lycanthropy Files Book Three (going up to $3.99)


Thank you so much for your continued support! These past few months have given me hope that I will be able to realize my dream of being a full-time author someday. <3


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