Guest blog post: The Science of Werewolves at Tony Noland’s blog

I’m pleased to have been invited to post on talented author and friend Tony Noland‘s blog. My review in Library Journal starts with, “Debut novelist Dominic is also a clinical health psychologist and has wisely chosen a subject area familiar to her, a choice that places this story above the average paranormal romance in plot, as well as in characterization…”* Tony wanted me to talk about the science behind lycanthropy, and that topic is closely tied with how I approached writing the book.

When someone asks what my novel The Mountain’s Shadow is about, I often give the short answer of “werewolves with a scientific twist.” The genre is urban fantasy (or paranormal depending on who’s classifying it), and the main character is a behavioral epidemiologist, or someone who researches the spread of disease. She’s close to discovering the cause of Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome, the hot new behavioral disorder in kids, when a series of strange circumstances makes her lose her job. In spite of a sudden shift from researcher to heiress, she never stops approaching challenges as a scientist.

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* To read the full review, click here. It’s the second one on the page.

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