Guest post: Author fears at Five for Fiction Blog

Like many newbie authors, I thought that once I got my first book contract, it would be smooth sailing, and I wouldn’t have anything else to worry about ever. Not true. Although signing my first book deal was very exciting, it brought up a different set of anxieties. I shared those with the lovely ladies at the Five for Fiction blog since their October theme is Fears.

I have a recurring dream in which I’m flying, but power lines get in the way of my soaring to my goal. I either have to go high enough to fly over them or go through them and try not to touch any or I’ll get electrocuted and drop to the ground. Building enough energy to fly over them is impossible, so I try to go through them, but as I approach a promising gap, it narrows, and I have to stop short.
My urban fantasy novel The Mountain’s Shadow debuted last week. Since Cheryl and I decided way ahead of time that I would be guest posting this month, I had the opportunity to observe my own fears as I went through the different stages of bringing a novel to publication and pitching and writing its sequel. It’s only in the past week while thinking about this post and putting it through may iterations that I’ve come to realize my fears are the power lines in my dreams, and the only way through is through.

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Don’t forget, The Mountain’s Shadow is now available for all e-readers! Links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble are above. If you don’t have an e-reader but want to read it on your computer, you can get a .pdf (or any other ebook format) at the Samhain Publishing website.

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