Long Shadows has returned

Greetings, all! Wow, it’s been a weird week. Hurricane Irma visited on Monday and rearranged some trees here in Atlanta. Hubby and I were lucky in that we kept power and internet at home. My office was another story – as of today (Friday), the internet is still out, which has been a challenge. Still, I’m grateful that we didn’t sustain any damage and didn’t have to throw away any food.

This week has had a couple of bright spots. First, as of yesterday, The Mountain’s Shadow has sold over 1000 copies! So, thank you to all my readers and supporters – I couldn’t have done that without you.

Second, Long Shadows, the second Lycanthropy Files books, re-releases today with a gorgeous new cover:

This time, being true to myself could be a deadly mistake.

I like to solve problems. The hard kind. A social worker by day, P.I. in my “spare time,” I’ve even figured out how to handle my little “werewolf problem.” After a dose of wolfsbane, my physical body stays safe in bed while my wolf goes spirit walking. If only she didn’t have a mind of her own…

After I overhear my sleazy boss plotting to turn my office into a trap, my instincts tell me to run. But not only do my problems stick like a bur in my fur, I find a whole new set.

Deep in the Appalachians, I learn a family secret that means I’m unique, even among werewolves, and I’m stuck on the dangerous border of a century-long war. Now I’m pursued by a rogue sorcerer with poisonous intentions, other wizards who’d like to throw me in a gilded prison, and a band of ghostly wolves thirsting for my blood.

Worse, there’s only one man who can protect me, and even he demands a price: my heart. Even though his own may be forever beyond my reach.

Warning: If you’re a carbophobe, detailed descriptions of Italian delicacies may wreck your will power. Also contains sexy situations, adult language, and brimming glasses of wine.

Click here to go to the book page for reviews and excerpts.

Long Shadows is at a reduced release price of $2.99 for a limited time. Pick up your copy at:

Amazon (US, UK, CA, AU)

Barnes & Noble



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