Metapost: A Little Light Self-Promotion…

In January, I entered publisher Buddhapuss Ink’s Mystery Times Ten contest, and in March I got an email that I had been selected as one of the twenty finalists. This meant a lot because my story had impressed the teen panelists, who I figured would be the toughest of all. Then I got an email on a Friday in April that I was one of the ten finalists, which excited me because it meant that, even if I hadn’t placed, I would be able to skip the slush pile if I were to ever submit a Young Adult novel to them. The following Monday, I got the very happy news that I’d placed first! Yep, I got a Kindle. This is somewhat ironic after my long debate over what kind of e-reader I’d buy. Between that and my Nook Color, I now have access to just about everything.

The books themselves came out on July 22, and my story “The Coral Temple” is the first one. One of the judges said the following:

“[This story] was fantastic! Seriously, so well-developed with a multitude of characters that come alive at once, a tautly wrapped up mystery, and that wonderful element of a mysterious far off place we’ve never been. The social hierarchy, the setting description, and the emotional pieces all work, too. Plus the characters are teens. Oh joy!”

This is my first major short story publication, so of course I’m very excited. You can order the book directly from Amazon here, or if you would like a signed copy, please email me at cecilia {at} ceciliadominic {dot} com, and I’ll send you details about shipping, payment, etc.

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