Eros Element is available again!

Hello, and happy May Day, Beltane, and re-release day for Eros Element! I’m so excited to be getting my novels back out, especially this one, which is a book of my heart. I think Edward is still my favorite hero I’ve written. Here’s the blurb: The scientific method: Love doesn’t obey it. Secrets skew the … Continue reading Eros Element is available again!

Character on the Couch: Eva Gordon’s Bayla

Occasionally on Facebook I’ll put together a call to author groups I belong to for newsletter shares. If you’re part of my newsletter, you’ll likely recognize this character from a¬†January feature. This was the book I had to grab for myself, and my review is below. I admire authors who tackle tricky issues in their … Continue reading Character on the Couch: Eva Gordon’s Bayla

Aether Rising Is Available

If you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to release a fiction book a week before a nonfiction book deadline, the answer is no. I was pretty much in the writer cave, and it slipped my mind to post about Aether Rising actually being out, although I managed social media okay. So, here’s the official … Continue reading Aether Rising Is Available

Aether Rising Preorder Available

Hello, and happy New Year! I’ve been a crazy busy between¬†the holidays, jumping back into work, and now coming up on a huge nonfiction book deadline. One of my major projects has been getting Aether Rising, the fourth and final book in the Aether Psychics series, ready for publication. It will release next Tuesday, January … Continue reading Aether Rising Preorder Available

Characters on the Couch: Gail Carriger’s Imogene and Genevieve

Please join me in a collective squee as I welcome international bestselling author Gail Carriger and her two main characters from her most recent release to the couch. I am seriously fangirling here because Ms. Carriger’s first Parasol Protectorate novel Soulless is what sparked (pun intended) my interest in the steampunk genre. It was a … Continue reading Characters on the Couch: Gail Carriger’s Imogene and Genevieve