"All in all, fans of romance, the paranormal, and mysteries should enjoy this book." - Library Journal

One bad choice cost me my job. Another one could take a bite out of my heart.  

I was about to solve the puzzle of the latest childhood disorder du jour – Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome – when my lab went up in flames, my job went down the tubes, and my lover went back to his ex.  

When I found out my grandfather left me his multi-million-dollar estate in the rugged Ozark Mountains in his will, I thought my luck was turning. But my inheritance came with a few problems that go way beyond layers of dust and creaky floors: kids in the area that go missing during full moons, a mysterious death, and a band of werewolves who consider the property their own private hunting ground.  

I’ll have to do more than face my research again to solve the mysteries of Wolfsbane Manor and stop a horrific epidemic. I’ll have to risk love, friendship, and the only true family I have left. And possibly doom myself to the fate that killed my twin brother.  

Warning: Contains a thrilling mystery that may keep you up too late, werewolves with trouble shifting out of their animal brains - the book was written by a psychologist, after all - and a dash of romance. Proceed accordingly.  

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