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Thank you for your interest in allowing me to speak to your group! I love the opportunity to meet new people and to combine my loves of psychology and writing.

Many of the talks below can be adapted for formats from 45 minutes to three hours. I’m also willing to discuss a custom lecture or workshop if you have an idea or want to use one of the talks below as a springboard for other ideas. Workshops I’ve given previously include:

Not tonight, Morpheus, I have a deadline: How busy professionals can make friends with their sleep

Do you feel the tug between productivity and the need for self-care? Is sleep the first thing to go when you’ve got deadlines looming? Let an expert guide you as to which sleep rules are important and which can be tossed into the night as well as tips and tricks to make sure you meet your deadlines AND get a good night’s sleep.


Overcoming procrastination:  Creative strategies for creative avoiders

Are you a champion procrastinator? Would you get more done if only you could make yourself do it? Rather than being an easy problem to solve, procrastination encompasses many motivations behind one behavior, and if you’re not addressing the key underlying problem, you’ll never overcome it. In this workshop, I discuss the different types of procrastination and matching strategies to overcome them.


Psychology 101 for writers

While it’s important to include characters with psychiatric problems, it’s important to do so compassionately so you don’t further the stigma of mental illness. Consequently, it’s important to make your characters layered and complex — especially your villains. So, it’s time to toss out the serial killer who kills because the voices in his head tells him to and build in layers from the ground up.


Characters on the couch: Personality as the key to internal conflict

Internal conflict is one of the toughest principles for new writers to understand and master. Myers-Briggs personality types can provide the building blocks to discovering a character’s internal conflict and the challenges that will help them grow.

If you’d like a more hands-on, intensive experience, I can easily add material and exercises to this one to lengthen it into a three-hour workshop.


Hysteria and the occult in Victorian times

The Victorian era was notable for several reasons including the acceleration of medical discovery and the fascination with the occult. Find out what one has to do with the other in the context of the history of mental health.


If you would like to discuss my coming to speak for your group, either in person or via an online platform, please submit the contact form. Thank you!