A Writer on the Couch: Guest posting at Jill Archer’s Blog

Today I am guest posting over at Jill Archer’s blog about how psychology informs my writing, which lots of people assume, and how writing makes me a better psychologist, which tends to surprise people. This is also a good opportunity to remind y’all that I’ve got a Characters on the Couch project, and I plan to post my next case soon. If you’d like to know what that’s about, click here.

By day, I’m a clinical psychologist with a special focus in behavioral sleep medicine. I have a private practice, and my main clientele is people who want to sleep without using medication. I do general psychotherapy as well.  By night and weekends, I write fiction and blog about wine and writing. 

Although I don’t have any formal writing training beyond one adult continuing education class, which I snuck in while I was in graduate school at UGA, I’ve been writing creatively since I was a child.

The influence psychology has on my writing seems obvious, at least to me. The truth is that I find people and their problems fascinating. They’re both about people, how they change and grow – or choose not to – and the consequences of either path.

To read the rest, click here.

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