Light Fantastique is available again!

Greetings, all!

I’m thrilled that Light Fantastique, the second book in the Aether Psychics series, is re-releasing today. As you can see, I kept the same beautiful cover, and here’s the new blurb:

Everyone wears a mask. But the deadliest secrets hide in plain sight.

Marie St. Jean’s supreme acting talent comes with a price: Every spellbinding performance extracts a piece of her soul. When she reluctantly steps into a role abandoned by another leading lady, she encounters the reason the other woman fled in terror—a ghostly spirit who promises to fix her affliction.

Violinist Johann Bledsoe pulls her heart in a direction she dares not go, but with the Prussians surrounding Paris, she is well and truly trapped.

Johann thought he’s left disgrace and his gambling debt behind in England, but a murder outside the Théâtre Bohème makes him fear he’s been exposed. Though his heart resonates for the ravishing daughter of Madame St. Jean, he knows that once the siege is over, he’ll have to keep running.

Under the baleful eye of steam-powered ravens, more murders drive Marie and Johann closer to the truth of what really lurks below the stage, and what dangers hang over their heads. Their only hope could lie in exposing their darkest secrets—and surrendering to the Eros Element in a way that could push them irretrievably close to the edge of madness.

Warning: Main ingredients include copious amounts of wine and decadent desserts. And drama. Mon dieu, lots of drama. May result in the uncontrollable urge to applaud even if you’re reading this in a public place.

Romantic Times had this to say: “This deftly woven adventure is cast with well-developed characters that round out an entertaining mystery…a complex tale of murder, mayhem, and romance.” For more reviews, or to read an excerpt, please visit the book page on this site.

You can find Light Fantastique at the following places, currently 99 cents for a limited time:





Google Play

Sorry for the short post – I’m slammed at the day job and heading to a conference this weekend.

Happy summer!


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